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  • Song Premiere: Traits - Out Of My Mind

  • Traits - Out Of My Mind Traits sent me their self-titled release for an early listen and was kind enough to allow us to premiere a new song here. I've been listening to the album quite a bit this past week and have to say the standout track is "Out Of My Mind" (which also happens to be the longest track on the album). Most of the tracks are concise and tightly written, but this one sprawls a bit a[...]
  • Video Cayucos - High School Lover

  • Download "East Coast Girl" Michigan has 2 seasons: too hot and too cold (also known as SO COLD). And boring people only talk about the weather, so it is with great pleasure that I pronounce it summer. YES and this is your (first) summer jam! Cayucas pronounced "zRfE-444" is the project of Zach Yudin, a Californian who has spent the last few years working at an independent jazz label ?! I[...]