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  • Video Round-Up

  • Every week I go to YouTube and type 'Detroit' into the search bar. Here's this week's videos. First up--in the interest of history--here is a clip from Metallica's 1986 show at Joe Louis. The band rolled into town on April 4th. Here's the last song of the evening, Damage Inc. Perhaps you thought drones were only good for killing women and children, but here we can also see that drones ma[...]
  • Live video: The Solar System-Surveillance Cam

  • The Solar System wrapped up their 3rd show as a band and several of the songs were put to video for posterity's sake. It's kind of dark and it's only one angle but the real thing to check out is the aural not the visual. The band drifts between indie-rock and psychedelic...a little less Syd Barrett than Heroes & Villians was, but all the pieces are there. They've got some dynamic tunes...shit'[...]
  • Odd Hours release new live video

  • Odd Hours have a new live video capturing their performance of 'Insomnia in Color' at the Flint Local. The Flint Local is a classic spot in its own right--one of the few venues where the underage can catch great tunes--and Odd Hours have their amps cranked well past 11 throughout the song. The video is superbly shot and edited...a great piece of evidence to the quality work Tasha (Odd Hours keyboa[...]