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  • Video Cayucos - High School Lover

  • Download "East Coast Girl" Michigan has 2 seasons: too hot and too cold (also known as SO COLD). And boring people only talk about the weather, so it is with great pleasure that I pronounce it summer. YES and this is your (first) summer jam! Cayucas pronounced "zRfE-444" is the project of Zach Yudin, a Californian who has spent the last few years working at an independent jazz label ?! I[...]
  • Free Download: Tone and Niche Live Album

  • Tone and Niche recognize that a new Bandcamp page is like a leap-year birthday...the shit don't happen often so you better celebrate it: multiple cakes, pinatas, and free downloads. So, not only can you download the band's 2009 live album for free but Tone will also personally deliver a pinata and chocolate cake to your home. The live album is split between an electric set recorded at Cadieux Cafe[...]
  • Hear First: Sacred Slut-Pity Party

  • Jeff Spisak's project Sacred Slut is a diligently crafted good time. The new album Pity Party is the most sound yet. The songs are the same kitschy bursts but Spisak seems more comfortable with production. This allows a greater appreciation for his musicianship and the sense of humor inherent in his lyrics. The tracks "I'm Sorry Hassan I Broke Your Heart" and "Bird Day Party Pegasus" best exemplif[...]