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  • Friday Night at the Blowout

  • The Ferndale contingent of Blowout marches on. Enough has been written about whether a more focused event held on one weekend in Hamtramck would have been better (it would have), but walking through Ferndale does allow ample opportunity to laugh at the club scene that seems to have sprung up there. The Library seemed to be the epicenter of the evening. Phantom Cats opened up—fucking amazing as [...]
  • Obligatory Blowout

  • Tonight is the first night of Blow Out the two weekend long music festival of pretty much every band in the Detroit area worth a damn (and then more). Every time I talk to outsiders (people who don't see local live music, not to be confused with The Outsiders), they have no fucking clue what the "Blow Out" or "Metro Times Blow Out" is. Even when I explain that it's Detroit's best music festival pu[...]
  • 2012 Blowout band list revealed

  • Well boys and ladies, The list for the 2012 Blowout list has arrived. Is there anyone missing from the list you would have liked to have seen? Leave your response in the comments! Amoebas, Amy Gore & Her Valentines, Artificial Agent, Audiological, Bad Party, Bars of Gold, Beast in the Field, Beekeepers, Before Pictures, The Beggars, Belle Ghoul, Benthos, Betty Cooper, Black Jake & The Carni[...]