Video Round-Up

Every week I go to YouTube and type ‘Detroit’ into the search bar. Here’s this week’s videos.

First up–in the interest of history–here is a clip from Metallica’s 1986 show at Joe Louis. The band rolled into town on April 4th. Here’s the last song of the evening, Damage Inc.

Perhaps you thought drones were only good for killing women and children, but here we can also see that drones may also capture drift racing. The event in question was down at Central Station and was the 1st Annual ‘Streets of Detroit’ Midwest Drift Union. I don’t know if Vin Diesel was in attendance.

Megan & Liz are fraternal twins embarking on their first headlining tour. Signed to Warner Bros., the two women hail from Edwardsburg and made a tour stop at the Crofoot. That’s rad! Even radder? This…the country-tinged Back Home:

Rounding things out, apparently streaking is still a thing. Watch this poor drunk bastard get coerced into streaking at the Lions/Browns game.

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