‘You will see us this Summer,’ Passalacqua declares

In an effort to ensure a complete blanketing of metro-Detroit, Passalacqua will pursue some “outside-the-box” marketing strategies in summer 2013.

“Sure we’re playing just about every major festival,” explained Mister, as he sipped a Mai-Tai poolside at the Detroit Athletic Club, “But that only enables a fraction of the public to see us perform. How do you access the audience that won’t come to a festival? You march right into their goddamn house.”

“It was about 5:30 a.m. on a Monday,” recalled 62 year-old Jerry Klemski, a retired Chrysler employee, “I woke up and I heard this…this sound coming from the kitchen. I come out and there’s Passalacqua…making some Belgian waffles and doing that song where they wear the Tom Waits and Bootsy Collins faces.”

The duo went on to perform a complete set, including an encore performance of Phil Collins’ In the Air Tonight.

“The High Strung already did the library thing. It’s important to keep people guessing,” said Blaksmith, “Are you going to come and watch us at Dally in the Alley? What about your grocery store? What about your kitchen at 5 in the morning?”

You can wait for the dynamic duo to teleport into your kitchen, or catch them at the Pig & Whiskey tonight in Ferndale.

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