Album Review: Lord Scrummage-Triangle or Die

It is now time for my long overdue review of the new Lord Scrummage. Why long overdue you ask? Because if it had not been for a recent ‘How to Brush Your Teeth’ lesson with Nolan (sidenote: he has a lot of good advice–it’s all about making slow, tiny circles with the toothbrush and working up to–not down–from your gums) the album, released in February, would have slipped my attention.  The album is largely electronic. It’s a sort of ode to Zappa…really tight musical arrangements with an emphasis on humorous lyrical themes.  For decades, Lord Scrummage has engaged in a sort of Beach Boys/Beatles rivalry with David Bowie. Triangle or Die is an eloquent response to The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust. 98-percent of the world is trash.

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