Obligatory Blowout

Tonight is the first night of Blow Out the two weekend long music festival of pretty much every band in the Detroit area worth a damn (and then more). Every time I talk to outsiders (people who don’t see local live music, not to be confused with The Outsiders), they have no fucking clue what the “Blow Out” or “Metro Times Blow Out” is. Even when I explain that it’s Detroit’s best music festival put out by the directory of sex chat lines and marijuana doctors (and DUI lawyers), they don’t know. So instead of my usual yearly fanfare where I say “Go see band A, B, C, D”, I’ll save you. It’s impossible to suggest where to go, because you’ll always be making the right and wrong choice. Electric Corpse, Terrible Twos, Caveman Woodman, and Pink Lightning are all playing at the same time, now I finally understand what the term “Sophie’s Choice” means.

Here’s what I do implore you to do: Call up some people you know who don’t go to live shows and bring them along. Let them know $20 is not a lot of money, and that the radio only plays shit. TV is can be downloaded and watched later, and it won’t kill them to walk between bars. Tell them all about your favorite acts your favorite tracks and all the times you saw them before. Introduce them to the musicians and talk to some people you don’t know. Actively build the community. We can do that, right guys? oh and make them buy a cd or mp3 or something. And tell them this is your favorite website.

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