Axis Mundi Fest 2013 or Axis Mundi Fest II

As a responsible “rock” journalist I must inform you that the coolest most pyschonautic visionary prophets of our modern era are all gathering for a 2 day event. The Axis Mundi is the axis that the earth spins by. The scientist will tell you it’s in the NORTH and SOUTH POLES. But we who have our ears to the ground and our fingers on the pulse know that the true axis point lies in Detroit. This Friday and Saturday the axis will Spin from the glorious North End Studios.

The Axis Mundi Collective is a group of artists trying to help each other speak to the world. They want you, you, you, you, and your mom’s dog to help them lift the veil of mediocrity from this world and touch the infinite. Will you help them? Will you peer into an audio abyss knowing full well you will come out changed into something you can’t yet foresee?

Do you want to party with a group of inclusive fun loving knuckleheads that can help you pick out fine wine and cheeses on a budget while listing every Nicholas Cage film in order of importance?

North End Studios
5101 Loraine, Detroit, MI

Doors at 8:00pm, Show at 8:30 – 21+
$8 for one night, $12 for a wristband for both nights

Band Room Line-Up:

Friday April 12th:

830 – The Dirty Tongues
915 – Future Slang
1000 – Sea Turtle Restoration Project
1045 – The Anonymous
1130 – Coleman Youngbloods
1215 – The Oscillating Fan Club
100 – Pupils

Saturday April 13th:

830 – Tala
915 – Whodat
1000 – Jura
1045 – Adam Pierce
1130 – Superbomb
1215 – Dandylyon Whine
100 – Pewter Cub

Robin Veresh: Live Projections

Art Room Line-Up:

Spoken Performances by:

Burns – 9:30 Friday & Saturday
Carmen Maria – 10:30 Friday & Saturday
Lianna Lebertine – 11:30 Friday & Saturday
Phreddy Wischusen – 12:30 Friday
Tom Budday – 12:30 Saturday

Live DJ performance sets by Lt.baD all evening

With Visual Art by:

Alana Carlson
Beth Amber
Katherine Craig(Splash Murals)
Chris Kennington
Chris Zagacki
Kirill Slavin
Kyle McBee
Leanne Shultz
Liz Kennington
Mike Ross
Natasha Beste from Gold House
Tre Puttane

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