The Mexican Knives stole my toaster, refuse to return it

Just as the title implies, the Mexican Knives stole my toaster–and they are refusing to give it back. This has seriously gone on long enough.

Not that their refusal has been outright.

First, they were like: “Oh sorry, it was a mistake…it just got mixed in with some of our stuff–we’ll bring it back.” But for nearly 3 weeks I heard jack-shit. Then, I sent this really nice text message just explaining how this is a bit more than a toaster–it has sentimental value and I’ve used it for literally hundreds of toasted sandwiches. At this point they relented and the toaster was returned.

Then, they fucking stole it again.

Anyhow, back to my earlier my point–this has gone on long enough. Return the toaster. It wasn’t an accident. It was intentional–and that’s cool. I just want it back.

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