The Marche Du Nain Rouge 2013 is upon us!

Break out the horse heads and put on your red–it’s time for Detroit’s Mardi Gras, the Marche Du Nain Rouge. For the uninitiated, the annual marche is held to expel the vile dwarf who has haunted Detroit since the days of LaSalle. Since being rediscovered, the marche has been highly successful. The Tiger’s made it to the World Series. Kwame is looking at 20 years in a federal prison. Detroit’s about get an EM–nevermind. Forget that last part.

This year’s festivities have expanded with a 5K run at 11 and the Detroit Bus Company is offering a shuttle. On Facebook over 1500 people claim they will attend. You can hop on at the Imperial in Ferndale at 9:40 or at Gusoline Alley in Royal Oak at 10. Bus fare is $12. Drinking will be taking place at Motor City Brewing Works, Woodbridge Pub, and Traffic Jam & Snug (that’s where the official MCR bash will be convening). The whole she-bang is brought to us by the fine folks at Tour Detroit.

Be certain to head down and, for Christ-sakes, where a mask! You don’t want that evil red dwarf to recognize you next year.

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