Jeremy Porter & The Tucos release Partner In Crime

The past few months have been quite trying. You see, I’ve begun Shark College yet again—this time working toward my Ph.d. It’s demanding. On top of that, I’ve been meaning to review the new Jeremy Porter & The Tucos album, Partner In Crime. I intended to do this review probably a month ago.

What makes the whole situation so awkward is that Jeremy is also MCR staffer. His desk is just outside so my office. So, every morning when I arrive at our palatial offices that overlook Campus Martius, there’s Jeremy.  Sitting there. Staring.

When we hold our morning staff meetings and pass out assignments, there’s Jeremy again.


When I go to relax in the sauna located down the hall from the Olympic sized swimming pool, there’s Jeremy again.


And what am I going to say? Offer up some trite excuse?

“No Jeremy, I’ve been too busy to listen to your lush pop songs that paint portraits across the sonic spectrum.”

Like fucking hell I’m going to say that. One, I’d sound like some kind of quasi-Jeff Milo and, two, I have listened to them. The songs are fucking great.

There’s twelve of them. It’s pop-rock. Jeremy tells some really great stories across catchy chord progressions. It’s recorded very well, too. “Partner In Crime”, from which the album takes its name, best exemplifies the sound he’s achieved. It’s the somber tale of a girl fleeing put to rocking riffs. Jeremy’s voice is immaculate.

Anyhow, thank God for my procrastination: not only can you dig on these songs but you can see ‘em performed live. Jeremy Porter and the Tucos will be releasing these sounds Friday at the New Dodge Lounge.

Come out and have a smoke.

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