Weekend Lowdown

Here’s what’s on the up & up this weekend yo.

Heads: Impact Wrestling Presents The Road To Lockdown Tour @ The Fillmore
Tails: Butterknife Wive, Royal Blackbirds @ The Detroit Pub

Heads: Terrible Twos, Protomartyr, Quaaludes, Growwing Pains @ Jumbos
Tails: Dada Trash Collage, Selectronics, Lord Scrummage, Eddie Logix, Hurricanes of Love @ Adult Contemporary

Heads: Cold Men Young, Electric Fire Babies, Atoms & Ease, Josef Coney Island @ Northern Lights Lounge
Tails: Kickstand Band, Beekeepers, Hi Speed Dubbing, Pendejos @ Found Sound

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@dashjr I am in the bands The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre, Lo Lo Lo-Hanz, Sheefy Mcfly & The Delorean, and Ferndale Acid Scene. I also head Checker's Records Collective like a boss.

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