Video: The Danger Bees-Standing Still

Apparently, Fall Out Boy has embarked on a tour to save rock ‘n roll. While nothing oriented in that direction is going to tickle my fancy at the moment, I think the Danger Bees have the best chance at conquering a task so ludicrous. If you want catchy rock songs give ’em a go.

Our neighbors to the North often come off as seeing so polite, but this latest Danger Bees video–which I’m assuming is a documentary–clearly shows young Canadians picking up the habits of our own video game-deranged-youth and mercilessly slaughtering the band members.

It’s tragic that an entire band would be cut down in their prime like this, but maybe Don McLean, or Gordon Lightfoot, will write a song about them.

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  1. Wavatar
    by Rachel on February 12, 2013  2:29 pm Reply

    Ha! Can't stop laughing :) Catchy chorus too

  2. Wavatar
    by KITH on February 12, 2013  2:30 pm Reply

    Only think that would make this better is if Dave Thomas showed up

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