photo by Peter Bosch
photo by Peter Bosch

Phantasmagoria’s New Video “Child of the Sun”

The members of Phantasmagoria are already making 2013 a banner year. Not only did they just help to kick off a monthly showcase of electronic music at Ferndale’s Loving Touch (the aptly named collective is called High Vibrations), but now they’ve dropped a new music video for the song “Child of the Sun” from their debut album released last summer and available for purchase here.  The new video is very cinematic and draws you into sunlit scenery with its first-person perspective.  It’s a welcome break from the reality of our current snowscape, so I’d recommend watching it with the heat in your house set somewhere in the high 70’s.  The video ends with Phantasmagoria’s vocalist, Lianna, dropping down in slow-motion from the ceiling onto a bed, which makes me wonder how they got that shot, but more importantly how Phantasmagoria remains so productive.  We’re looking forward to all they will do in 2013 because so far they’re doing a bang-up job.

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