Odd Hours release new live video

Odd Hours have a new live video capturing their performance of ‘Insomnia in Color’ at the Flint Local. The Flint Local is a classic spot in its own right–one of the few venues where the underage can catch great tunes–and Odd Hours have their amps cranked well past 11 throughout the song. The video is superbly shot and edited…a great piece of evidence to the quality work Tasha (Odd Hours keyboardist and front gal) and Kevin are doing through Gold House. Dig on the performance below.

Reginald avatar 96x96 Odd Hours release new live video videos live video


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  1. Wavatar
    by Tony on February 2, 2013  5:34 pm Reply

    Love these guys! Great song :)

  2. Wavatar
    by Blacked Out on February 2, 2013  5:35 pm Reply

    I love the Flint Local! Saw Mustard Plug there.

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