Hear First: All These Fingers remixes Dwarf Nebula

On the edges of some distant galaxy lives Dwarf Nebula, a hip-hop artist born of anxiety. As the press release explains, he collided with All These Fingers to create some epic remixes of 5 songs from Dwarf Nebula’s I Feel Big As  A Damn Mountain. While the tracks still maintain their relative edge, All These Fingers brings the lounge-y, cool suave that has dominated his other releases. So dig on that you filthy swine.

Reginald avatar 96x96 Hear First: All These Fingers remixes Dwarf Nebula hear first


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  1. Wavatar
    by Petre on February 12, 2013  2:27 pm Reply

    Love some hip-hop! Nice stuff :)

  2. Wavatar
    by Water Drone on February 12, 2013  2:28 pm Reply

    Relaxed beats and sweet rhymes

  3. Wavatar
    by Klown Killer on February 12, 2013  2:29 pm Reply

    Love these ATF projects...can't wait for the next

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