Electric Needle Room is the 1,536th best band in the world

Recently, the International Band Society released their new rankings for best bands. The ranking system–based quality of music, number of fans and overall radness–has firmly placed Omaha’s Electric Needle Room as the 1,536th best band in the world. Hollywood was quick to recognize the achievement and quickly prepared a documentary charting the band’s rapid rise to stardom.

The band has had a prolific career; most recently recording 50 songs about each individual President. The documentary highlights the drug problems and infidelities that led to a string of divorces and rehab visits. Of course, these personal problems also led to some of the best albums: My Socks Never Match, It Just Came Out That Way and Sticky Fingers.

The documentary will debut at Cannes but a preview can be seen over at your friendly, neighborhood YouTube.

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    by Link on February 4, 2013  6:31 pm Reply

    OK...that's funny :)

  2. Wavatar
    by Remy on February 4, 2013  6:32 pm Reply

    Love bands with a sense of humor

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    by J-Dao on February 4, 2013  6:33 pm Reply

    The Colic Song is great!

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