Ty Segall
Photo by Doug Coombe
Ty Segall Photo by Doug Coombe

Concert Review: Ty Segall – Blind Pig – Ann Arbor – 2/7/13

It’s been a while since I stepped foot in Ann Arbor’s Blind Pig.  Walking up I was remembering some of the great shows I’ve seen there – mostly in the early 90s – Soundgarden, Nirvana, Social Distortion, and Afghan Whigs, to name just a few.  Those were the days!  People went to shows!  Touring bands stopped in Detroit or Ann Arbor between Toronto and Chicago!  It all came back to me as I entered the sold out Blind Pig – wall to wall with hipster college kids drinking beer, buying T-shirts and crowd surfing.

New York City’s K-Holes took the stage and established a noisy, heavy-groove filled set that reminded me of Ann Arbor’s early-90s Laughing Hyenas at times and Sonic Youth at others.  The singer, sporting a Nancy Spungen look, and the guitarist – who looked, but played nothing like Lindsey Buckingham – led the band while the bassist and saxophonist laid a reverb-drenched backdrop.   The K-Holes were working hard and were very well received.  Not totally my thing, but fans of mid-80s and early 90s Touch & Go and Amphetamine Reptile stuff would probably dig it.

After a short break Ty Segall came out and quickly re-set the noise meter with another wall of sound.  Ty and his band had the tightness of a group that has been on tour for a while – clicking on every level, communicating without trying, and generally tearing it up and making it look easy.  They were riff-heavy too, but unlike the K-Holes Ty’s songs have hooks embedded into those riffs and that’s what kept me engaged.  Think early Mudhoney on a Black Sabbath binge all mashed-up with Donovan (maybe?).  Beside the hooks, Ty’s guitar playing was the highlight.  His leads were somewhere between Greg Ginn and Tony Iommi, with a fuzzy tone that cut through the wall just right.  Just retro enough to make you smile, but a great modern crossover feel too.

After the show it was head-first into the great blizzard of 2013.  My ears were ringing as I crawled home doing 30mph on the freeway.  But it felt good knowing that the Blind Pig and the bands who stop there are still killing it!

Ty Segall Website

K-Holes Website



  1. Wavatar
    by Ty Fan on February 12, 2013  2:26 pm Reply

    Great show!

  2. Wavatar
    by Pearly Jam on February 12, 2013  2:26 pm Reply

    In spite of the weather, well worth making it out to :)

  3. Wavatar
    by Detroit313 on February 12, 2013  2:27 pm Reply

    Awesome photo! Dude's can wail!

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