Bob Mould, Jason Narducy & Jon Wurster
Bob Mould, Jason Narducy & Jon Wurster

Concert Preview: Bob Mould – Magic Stick – Saturday March 2, 2013

Bob Mould and his band hit the Magic Stick this Saturday night.  You might remember Bob from a little band from Minneapolis called Hüsker Dü in the 80s, or maybe you were at the Nectarine Ballroom in Ann Arbor in 1989 and 1991 when he toured behind his early solo records.  Maybe you remember when alternative rock hit big in the mid-90s and Bob fronted SUGAR – his most popular venture to date.

Last year Bob released his memoir – See A Little Light.  It chronicles his rise to the status as a post-punk-guitar legend, his side-ventures into techno/dance music and professional wrestling script writing, and eventually his assimilation and self-acceptance into the gay culture of Brooklyn and San Francisco.   It’s a great read if you have even a passing interest in any of these subjects.

But finally there’s Silver Age – Bob’s new record.  With Jason Narducy on Bass and harmonies and powerhouse Jon Wurster (Superchunk) on drums, the shows have been amazing.  Silver Age is more Sugar and Hüsker than anything he’s done since.  Don’t miss it!

Bob’s Top 5 According To Me:

  1. The Hüsker Dü Holy Trinity – Zen Arcade/New Day Rising/Flip Your Wig (1985-6):  These guys didn’t look really cool or act like the guys on MTV but they took the melodies from 60s pop and set them on top of the guitars that sounded like the Buzzcocks and Ramones and laid the groundwork for every alternative band to follow from Nirvana and The Pixies to My Bloody Valentine and Green Day.
  2. SUGAR – Beaster EP (1993): I know, everyone loves Copper Blue, but Beaster was ANGRY!  The middle 3 songs pack such a punch that we thought we had “Angry Bob” back for a few months.
  3. Bob Mould – Workbook (1989): What’s he gonna Dü now?  Trade in the V for a Strat and write some of the best songs of his career.  This was uncharted territory for Bob – acoustics and clean electrics and even cello.  He proved that he could be every bit as intense and dark without the distortion.  It’s an amazing record.
  4. Bob Mould – Silver Age (2012): Bob follows up his memoir with a record that somehow captures the spirit and energy of his glory days without sounding retro or done-before.  It’s short and full of all the hooks you’d want.
  5. Bob Mould – Turning of The Tide (1994): This deep cut was Bob’s contribution to the Richard Thompson Tribute Record Beat the Retreat.  What makes it so awesome is that John Doe and DJ Bonebreak from X are backing him up, and Doe takes the harmonies.  It was my favorite Thompson tune before Bob did it and, well, just forget it now.  Great guitar work.


Bob Mould & Band – Magic Stick – Detroit

Saturday, March 2, 2013 at 9:00 PM | $25

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