Ben Hoffman gets show on Comedy Central; cancer

Add Ben Hoffman’s new show ‘The Ben Show’ not only to your list of shit to torrent and not only to your list of things to DVR but also to your list of things to actually watch (on cable). Why? Because Ben Hoffman needs to eat and ratings drive the shitty career path he’s eeked out for himself. Plus, the show is damn funny. Also, he has cancer.

I first became aware of Hoffman by being one of several paper who watched both Current AND infoMania, where Hoffman’s tirades and ability to mine the awkward made segments like ‘Kids Kouch!’ and ‘Craigslist Interviews’. His new show draws on these talents: in one clip Hoffman berates a football team and in another holds auditions for a film I honestly hope happens–Gangsta Granny (which incidentally features some of the cast from Betty White’s Off Their Rockers).

‘The Ben Show’ premieres February 28th at 10 p.m on Comedy Central.


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  1. Wavatar
    by Connor on February 2, 2013  5:36 pm Reply

    I hope Bryan Safi makes a guest appearance!

  2. Wavatar
    by Veggout on February 2, 2013  5:37 pm Reply

    Is that a vegan burger in the photo?

  3. Wavatar
    by Hipster Gentleman on February 2, 2013  5:38 pm Reply

    Ben Hoffman losing his shit gets me every time.

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