Bad Indians keeping busy, playing with puppies

Ypsilanti outfit Bad Indians have been keeping busy by playing with the same group of puppies for three weeks straight.

Band members were uncertain where the puppies came from, noting they just seemed to ‘roll in with the fog’.

“I think they showed up just as we were starting a practice,” explained band member Autumn Wetli, “And they’re puppies—so it’s not like you’re going to not play with them. Then you just kind of lose track of time.”

The total number of puppies is estimated at somewhere between 30 and 40, with an approximate cuteness rating of 375.

“You see this all the time with bands. Things are going well…then a bunch of puppies suddenly show up. Puppies are really fucking cute,” said Dr. Marshall Collins, a professor of puppy studies at the University of Michigan.

The band has released their debut LP, Are On The Other Side, on CQ Records. Wetli just released a solo album, Some Things Were Meant To Change, under the name Rebel Kind.

The band will appear at the CQ Records Showcase at SXSW on March 16.

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