Eels return with Wonderful Glorious

EELS are back with their 10th (Where was I for 5-9?) studio album Wonderful Glorious. The album has their signature mature yet childish atmospheric alt pop (?). I haven’t been able to put the entire thing in my ears yet, but I’m digging every track I’ve heard so far. Bad review, I know, but just listen to all the tracks streaming below! Leave comments telling me what my review should have said. OH hay! and then you can pre-order the album on iTunes! The album drops Feb 5, but pre-order now just in case someone steals all of your money. A wise investment, for your future.

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  1. Wavatar
    by Tully on January 31, 2013  2:16 pm Reply

    Is my money more likely to be stolen in a mugging or some kind of long-con?

  2. Wavatar
    by Barbarella on January 31, 2013  2:17 pm Reply

    I think the review could have used more adjectives and dropping of band names :)

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