Concert Review: Soundgarden sells out the Fillmore

In support of evidence that there is indeed a God, Soundgarden has reunited and released an album of new material. The band performed at the Fillmore on Sunday night. Unfortunately, MCR was without tickets and too lazy to call someone up and see if we could cover the event. We did however possess the ingenuity to hatch a genius plan: we snuck into the Detroit Zoo, stole a spider monkey, and trained him to sneak into the Fillmore and cover the event from high up in the rafters. Later we tasked one of our hapless interns with debriefing the monkey. A transcript of their recorded conversation is below.

Intern: Hey, you’re back! So, how was the show? What was the set-list like?

Monkey: Ooo-ooo-ah-ooo-ahh. Ah-ah-ah-ooo-ooo.

Intern: I’m not really following you.

Monkey: (slower) Ooo-ooo-ah-ooo-ahh. Ah-ah-ah-ooo-ooo.

Intern: …still really not getting what you’re saying. Did their new material mesh with the old?


Intern:  Can you just use sign language?

Monkey: Eek.

Intern: Did you notice any difference in Matt Cameron’s approach to drumming? Is there a difference between drumming with Soundgarden and drumming with Pearl Jam?

Monkey: EEK! EEK!

Intern: What are you getting so upset about?

(sounds of movement, objects clanging)

Intern: Hey—don’t climb up on those shelves, it’s not—


Intern: Ah! Ouch! Stop throwing things…hey now! That really hurts!


Intern: Dear god…put that knife down! Get away, get—

(stabbing sounds, followed by gurgling)

The tape cuts out there but it sounds like the band put on a great show! They probably rocked for a long time and played an eclectic set. Thanks to our intern and the monkey. Soundgarden’s new album, King Animal, was released on Seven Four Entertainment and Republic Records on November 12.

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  1. Wavatar
    by Spider Monkey on January 28, 2013  2:20 pm Reply

    There was another spider monkey there last night? AND I missed him/her? Damn.

  2. Wavatar
    by Black Hole Sun on January 28, 2013  2:21 pm Reply

    Great show guys! Come back again soon :)

  3. Wavatar
    by Gabe on January 28, 2013  2:22 pm Reply

    Gave me a chuckle, but was an awesome show!

  4. Wavatar
    by Danyrius Stormborn on January 28, 2013  2:23 pm Reply

    New album is good but I think the next one will be better.

  5. Wavatar
    by Tree on January 28, 2013  2:25 pm Reply

    You have been away for too long!

  6. Steve Barman
    by Steve Barman on January 29, 2013  12:03 am Reply

    I wish I was going to Soundgarden. ...

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