Akron/Family release new single; Blind Pig show on 4/18

Akron/Family will be releasing their new album, Sub Verses, April 30th on Dead Oceans. This posting, which coincides with our recent Cayucas post, may lead you to believe we are some sort of clearing house for things promoted by Secretly Canadian. That’s not the case…they just always send some stuff (hint: other places start sending us shit, too).

But I digress…

The first song from Sub Verses, “No Room”, has also been uploaded to YouTube and can also be streamed below. This initial release left me wanting a bit more. The song meanders across 6 minutes and 47 seconds…a series of build-ups and breakdowns. Its as interesting as all get out, but the build-ups never really seem to hit.

Likely, it’s a song that has more purpose within the album and live show so be sure to check Akron/Family out when they stop by the Blind Pig on April 18th.


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