Weekend Lowdown

Another week….nay, the first week into the desolate tundra known as November. Pretty soon old man Mr. Frost will be blowing down our trousers, but until then we’ve got shit to do tonight and this weekend. So bundle up and get the fuck outside because it’s time to party, bitch.

Heads: Toothapalooza II w/ WAZU, Aparition, Crochetcatpause @ Far House
Tails: Matisyahu, The Constellations @ The Blind Pig

Heads: Igor & The Red Elvises, The Meltdowns @ PJ’s Lager House
Tails: Beast In The Field, The Octopus, Beset By Creatures Of The Deep @ Magic Stick Lounge

Heads: SNES Night w/ Hotel Motel, Barbeque, Honest To Goodness, Dan Clark @ M&M Lounge
Tails: The Kickstand Band (Release Party), Lightning Love, Deadbeat Beat @ PJ’s Lager House

Learn Some Sign Language!!!!

Signin’ in yo fuckin face

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@dashjr I am in the bands The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre, Lo Lo Lo-Hanz, Sheefy Mcfly & The Delorean, and Ferndale Acid Scene. I also head Checker's Records Collective like a boss.

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