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We have a Big Ass Show we’re sponsoring this Saturday. Check it, Checker’s Records Collective will be putting out a tape for At Willoughby. Take a listen:

We’re flying in Hurricane Hotpants from Cincinnati. Old Empire and Ferndale Acid Scene will also be holding it down.

All this hotsteppin’ takes place this Saturday at the New Dodge Lounge. Won’t you be our guest? All the finer details on the Facebook Event Page are just a click away. It feels so good to say yes and to listen to some swell music. See you there, sqaures…..


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@dashjr I am in the bands The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre, Lo Lo Lo-Hanz, Sheefy Mcfly & The Delorean, and Ferndale Acid Scene. I also head Checker's Records Collective like a boss.

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