Top 5 w/ Eric Dilworth

Eric plays currently is Isles of ESP and New Centaur. He used to play in Black Lodge. Make sure to swing by Jumbo’s this Saturday to catch him with Secret Twins & 3ft! Here is his Top 5:

Wow, this assignment was tougher than I thought. I picked my Top 5 jazz records.

John Coltrane- Meditations

Albert Ayler- Music is the Healing Force of the Universe

Rashied Ali / Leroy Jenkins- Swift Are The Winds Of Life

Max Roach- We Insist! Freedom Now Suite

Charles Mingus- The Black Saint & the Sinner Lady

Thanks to Mr. Dilworth and Saturday Night is gonna be outta sight!!

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  1. Agnes-Magnus
    by Agnes-Magnus on September 20, 2012  2:43 pm Reply

    Coltrane? Mingus? Roach?

    Oh HELLS yeah.

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