Romney and the 47%: A Non-Issue In Progress

For the next few weeks we’ll be hearing about Presidential candidate Romney and his most recent ‘gaffe’. Whether this is a story is highly debatable. In fact, if there is a story in this it is the press and their fascination with the obvious.

The basis for the criticism being tossed on Romney is: he talked about something he actually believes. Now, to clarify, Romney doesn’t believe what he said. What he was speaking about was a supposed belief designed to get him elected. It was made to help gain power both perceived and literal. However, let’s assume that he genuinely meant his remarks. The criticism from the News Machine is then directed at Romney saying something he believes.

Our base expectation has become that our current or future political leaders lie to us. We don’t know how to handle truth. Instead, we expect that politicians don’t say what they supposedly believe. It’s quite funny: politicians hide their supposed beliefs and alter them for a more appealing set of supposed beliefs.

All of this has of course led to a race as to which campaign can dig up the best tape. Now FOX News touts then-Senator Obama giving a speech on his supposed belief in “redistribution”. The comments fit nicely into the make believe narrative that the President is some type of fascist-Pinko-commie.

In turn, the President’s campaign will continue to flaunt Romney’s remarks in relation to their make believe narrative that he is a wealthy elite looking to promote corporate cronyism.

Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama believe in one thing: power. Plain and simple. They are funded by virtually the same corporations and will painlessly work to benefit their friends while tossing crumbs to the common citizen. They support a rapidly expanding military-industrial complex and a belief system that emphasizes “War All The Time”. They believe in the creation of a suppressive security state that continued with Bush II and became worse with Obama.

The only gaffe has been the Fifth Estate’s failure to expose this political theatre for the fraud it is.

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