not to be confused with...
not to be confused with...

Playing Tonight at the Crofoot: Reptar

reptar band 300x189 Playing Tonight at the Crofoot: Reptar detroit concerts  CALLING ALL 90s NOSTALGIA DWELLERS:

There is a band called Reptar performing tonight at the Crofoot Ballroom.

Think about it for a minute. Reptar. Sounds familiar, right?

Think Nicktoons.

Think Tommy Pickles.

That’s right—in Rugrats, Reptar was the Godzilla-esque dinosaur that left Tommy & the gang awestruck at every appearance. I’m going to take a wild guess that the band Reptar was named after the same.

And running with the theme of 90s throwbacks, take a look at their awesome website. They have the Windows ’95 look down to a T, complete with 24-bit Wordpad icons and a Microsoft-y faded teal color scheme. It’s probably best viewed on Netscape.

But that’s not to say Reptar’s music is at all mired in the past—quite the contrary.

The synthy-indie-dance-pop quartet hail from Athens, GA. Their tunes are upbeat, with layer upon layer of glassy guitars, tropical vibes, harmonies, and relentless percussion. It’s as if Foster the People joined up with Paul Simon for a coke binge on a stolen hot air balloon over a pixelated neon landscape. Good times.

Body Faucet, Reptar’s debut album, was released May 1 on Vagrant records. It was produced by Ben Allen, who’s also worked with Animal Collective and Deerhunter.

They’re bright, they’re summery, they’re fun—and appropriately enough, today’s forecast is 75 and sunny. Why not check them out?

reptar Playing Tonight at the Crofoot: Reptar detroit concerts

not to be confused with...

Reptar opens for Grouplove at the Crofoot Ballroom tonight, 5/11. Doors at 8.


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