Occupy Abandoned Properties in Detroit

mehjoo20111207004532810 300x200 Occupy Abandoned Properties in Detroit   occupy detroit  Back in 2009 on a PBS program “Bill Moyers Journal” US Representative Marcy Kaptur from Ohio advocated people to Occupy their homes that were being foreclosed on because of the mortgage crisis. It’s amazing how relevant this video is from 2009 and we are in 2012!!


Maureen Taylor is now advocating the same policy of occupation in Detroit. Since the mortgage crisis of 2008 there are abandoned homes all over Detroit, and the city has effectively abandoned certain neighborhoods due to lack of funds.


Maureen is the head of the Michigan Welfare Rights organization and is encouraging people to occupy abandoned properties. There is a philosophy that is gaining in popularity that says ‘shelter is a human right’. I know that sounds crazy and revolutionary, but there is no better place to start a revolution than right here in Detroit. The argument is that the taxpayer bailed out the banks that claim to own these properties (but refuse to maintain them) so we have a right to occupy them. Check out the news report here:
and viva la revolucion!!!

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Jason Revoir is a local Detroit musician, not an undercover CIA agent.

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    by Joe McGuire on May 25, 2012  11:20 am Reply

    That's great that you're spreading the word about that awesome campaign. If you're interested in fighting foreclosures, Occupy Detroit still has a vibrant Direct Action working group that has helped prevent at least 4 foreclosures through protest and direct action. Here's some info about our latest campaign:

    Say no to foreclosures and evictions! Join us as we crash the board meeting of Community Living Services on 35425 Michigan Avenue in Wayne, Michigan on Tuesday, May 29th at 5:00 p.m.!

    Take action now: Call Paul Newman, Vice-President of Community Living Services, and Robert Ficano, Wayne County Executive, and demand for Jerome Jackson to keep his home!
    Paul Newman: (734) 476-7600 or (866) 381-7600.
    Robert Ficano: (313) 963-9300.

    Jerome Jackson is facing eviction from his home of eight years in Inkster, Michigan. Mr. Jackson is a paraplegic and wheelchair bound since the age of 14. He has worked and struggled to live independently and with dignity. With the support of family and friends, he has succeeded, but his independence is threatened by the same banks and government agencies which convinced him to buy a home.

    Ten years ago, Jerome Jackson was living in an apartment in downtown Detroit and receiving support and assistance from Community Living Services (CLS), a Wayne County agency. Mr. Jackson has also received additional financial support for housing, transportation, caregiver assistance and medical devices from CLS.

    In 2004, CLS told Mr. Jackson that rental housing was getting too expensive, so he should buy a house. CLS promised that they would assist Mr. Jackson with the down payment and monthly mortgage payments. CLS convinced Mr. Jackson to purchase his home in Inkster and promised the home would be wheelchair accessible. Mr. Jackson agreed to this proposal, and based on the promises of CLS, the bank agreed to loan the money to purchase the home.

    Mr. Jackson entered into a mortgage where the monthly payment, including taxes and insurance, was about $900 per month. Mr. Jackson’s only income was SSI at little more than $600 per month, so there was no way he could pay the mortgage without financial assistance from CLS. All parties – including the bank -- understood this.

    Jerome Jackson has lived in his home in Inkster since 2004. He has wheelchair ramps, wider doors, a lift to access the basement, and he lives in the home on his own. In 2009, CLS stopped paying their portion of the mortgage. Despite repeated requests to have CLS continue paying their portion of the mortgage, they refused, saying they no longer provided that support.

    The lender, the builder, CLS and Wayne County all knew and understood that the only way Jerome Jackson could purchase his home was with regular housing support from CLS. Now when CLS decides to stop paying, they all agree that Jerome Jackson should be evicted from his home. Jerome Jackson and his family disagree. So do we.

    Jerome Jackson, his sister, Jettowynne, their family and friends have all been fighting to save his home. Jerome and his sister have asked for community support. Occupy Detroit, the UAW and other organizations have joined in the campaign to save the home of Jerome Jackson. Mr. Jackson has an attorney, and the struggle is ongoing in the courts. At his first hearing at Inkster 22nd District Court, supporters from Occupy Detroit, the UAW, Moratorium Now, Warriors on Wheels and others mobilized and picketed at the court.

    Now supporters are planning to crash the CLS Board of Directors meeting at 35425 Michigan Ave, in Wayne on Tuesday, May 29, 2012 at 5:00 pm to demand that CLS work with Jerome to help him keep his home. We will also gather at Inkster 22nd District Court, 27331 S. River Road near Michigan & Inkster Road at 2 p.m. on Thursday, June 7th to support Jerome at his 2nd hearing. We need your support in demanding that CLS and Wayne County live up to their commitment to provide housing support to Jerome Jackson and keep him in his home. We also demand that Fannie Mae halt all eviction proceedings and negotiate a settlement to keep Jerome Jackson in his home.

    We are planning a barbeque and fundraiser at the home of Jerome Jackson, 3920 Harriet in Inkster on Saturday, June 2, 2012 at 2 p.m. Join us there. Join the campaign to defend the home of Jerome Jackson and prevent his eviction. This is part of the ongoing campaign to stop all foreclosures and evictions in our area. We demand that Jerome Jackson remain in his home, living independently and with dignity. This is a basic right for all people.

    Facebook event here: http://www.facebook.com/events/384930984886715/

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