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Record Store Day Arrives, CD’s plead: “Why Hast Thou Forsaken Us?”

Because so many local bands are creating Kickstarter accounts to “make a CD” you may actually be held sway to fathom the compact disc a viable music medium. You are wrong. The compact disc est vial fiend.

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In 2010 alone (the last year for which data was available) CD’s accounted for 75 percent of violent crime and were the main conspirator in rigging Russian elections. It was horrific. En masse the public has begun to move towards digital downloads. The remainder who buy music the artwork and physical appeal returned to the vinyl record. Now, in the same way the Hallmark has Sweetest Day, so do the purveyors of vinyl records—they have Record Store Day.

The day is equal parts celebration of “THE RECORD” and downright groovy tunes. Clearly, a marketing ploy the day is geared towards moving product. Similar to Nolan on 4:20, pushers offer some exclusive releases and some new releases that will still be available after the matter.

This year the day falls on the birthday of none other than Iggy Pop! The ambassador himself  will be celebrating at a store in Miami and also took a few minutes to recount his first record purchase and wax philosophical.

Below are a few of the releases that really took my breath away. There were probably a few release by artists whose name starts with Q-Z. I cannot read any words that start with the last 10letters of the alphabet. If you are one of those ‘super-literates’, you can check out a full listing of releases here.

Afrika Bambaataa/MC5

Brendan Benson What Kind of World

Buddy Guy This Is Buddy Guy

Chocolate Watch Band Psych Trip / Midnight Hour

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. We Almost Lost Detroit EP

David Bowie Starman

Iggy And The Stooges Raw Power

Janis Joplin Highlights from The Pearl Sessions

Mastodon/The Flaming Lips A Spoonful Weighs A Ton

Patti Smith Horses

Phish Junta Deluxe LP Edition

Pussy Galore Feel Good About Your Body

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