Hear First: P.R.O.M., Zoos of Berlin, White Denim

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267473 10150310080646278 742241277 9593712 1211170 n 193x300 Hear First: P.R.O.M., Zoos of Berlin, White Denim hear first free download detroit concerts  Happy Birthday to Tasha Beste, of Odd Hours and now of P.R.O.M.. I don’t know that much about P.R.O.M. other than it’s “P-R-O-M” and not “prom”. Here’s what they’re bandcamp says:

P.R.O.M. is a lo-fi collaboration between vocalist Natasha Beste (currently of Odd Hours, formerly of Sex Ghost!), guitarist/synth/programmer James Sterling Lees (currently of Tone & Niche, formerly of Love Meets Lust) bassist Shane Stewart (formerly of Monroe Autopsy, Inmost Fear) & live drummer Daniel Vought. The “House On Fire E.P.” was recorded in a number of locations, using a limited selection of equipment, & a number of unorthodox techniques. The results are the unique sound & mix that is a perfect document of the time.


If you missed out on Tasha’s (and Kevin’s) Birthday party last week, you missed:
*me sounding racist on stage
*pill covered cupcakes
*No one being able to pronounce “Revoir”
*Great music
*a morning trip to the STD screening clinic

Next up Zoos of Berlin or as I like to call them, Zoos of Fucking BerlinZoos are one of the strongest acts in Detroit, and the nation.

“They play with pop and jazz elements as components for a steadily cool groove and could very well have hit on the next sound of the century…” – The Village Voice

“They’re good so go see them…Zoos of Berlin don’t really sound like anybody else — which is a good thing, right?” – BrooklynVegan

“A cosmopolitan pop sophistication hearkening back to some of rock’s most famous expatriate Berliners, David Bowie and Brian Eno — and those two are no jelly doughnuts.” -Pitchfork

“…a delicious blend of weird and pleasing pop, presented in sweeps of stately splendor…” – Tiny Mix Tapes

“…guitar atmospherics, some slightly proggy parts and a vocalist who sounds effortless and charming…[Zoos drummer] Collin has worked on tracking and remix sessions (including a Grammy-nominated remix for
the Junior Boys) with Carl Craig… Good sounding stuff, and I look forward to more.” -Larry Crane, Tape Op Magazine

Old timers will remember my masterful cat filled interview with Zoos of Berlin a couple years ago. Listen to the new album now:

Bjorn Yttling of Peter, Bjorn and John (how many Bjorns do you know?) has remixed White Denim‘s “Drug” and taken it to whole new levels of fuzzy druggy bliss.

No seriously, how many Bjorns do you know? let us know on our comment page!


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