Fur – Free self-titled debut EP

l 1add6ea59bd8493a84c468019f63b4c8 199x300 Fur   Free self titled debut EP detroit concerts  “FUR pieced itself from heaps of hard drive clutter—that is, half-finished song ideas, cheap microphone hiss, sampled film drones and drum loops. Usually three, sometimes four and once five, the band currently consists of Ryan O’Rourke (vocals/guitars/samples), Michael O’Connor (bass/keys) & Zach Pliska (drums/keys). As admirers of My Bloody Valentine, The Cure, Nine Inch Nails & Interpol, FUR consider themselves a marriage of lush, beat-driven noise that ultimately resides somewhere between post-punk and a film score.” – Fur on Myspace

Head over to Fur’s website to listen to and download their debut EP Fur for free.

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