Album Review: From Way Out to Way Under – Copper Thieves

copper thieves Album Review: From Way Out to Way Under   Copper Thieves detroit concerts  Not only one of Detroit’s favorite pastimes for decades, Copper Thieves are also a side project featuring members of New Grenada and Child Bite. Does their moniker comes from the fact that, like copper thieves, they scrap the past for usable parts, some organ riffs here, some mall-punk vocals there? Their debut From Way Out to Way Under falls somewhere between the sum of their parts, a safe distance between New Grenada’s power pop and Child Bite’s balls-out jams. The songs’ riffs are at once bouncy and heavy, if recycled– “Carribean” is a candy-coated take on dying in a plane crash, and “Silverdome” makes way for a bridge that sounds as if it must have been written with high hopes of one day rocking its arena namesake. Easy contender for album highlight “The Fight” borders on fist-pumping, anthemic pop-punk: “Last night we were alone I thought about having a fight/ they’ll find us out in a parking lot/ one of us standing alive”. Beating the shit out of someone has never sounded more fun.

“The Fight” 

You can download Copper Thieves’ From Way Out to Way Under for free here.


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    by Laura on April 21, 2009  2:42 pm Reply

    Hooray Copper Thieves! I'm looking forward to their record release party this Friday at the Berkley Front...

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      by Dr. Detroit on April 21, 2009  3:22 pm Reply

      Yeah, I'm looking forward to it as well. FYI: We have a interview with the Copper Thieves all ready to post on Thursday.

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