Funk Night Returns!

l af9b2825c81b861b055ca57c23f4e467 705198 Funk Night Returns! detroit concerts  To celebrate the dropping of all charges from that crazy ninja ambush over the summer, the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit is bringing back Funk Night for a very special Halloween party. Relive all the action from the illegal police raid by watching the surveillance tapes, which will be screened, dress as a police officer to win door prizes, and get down to the funkiest jams courtesy of DJ R-O-Z. But fun and games aside, CAID are trying to do things a bit more legit this time around: you need to be a CAID member to get in, and you must buy your ticket ahead of time at If you were one of those lucky kids who had to get down on the ground or got your car impounded admission is free, but you have to get that squared away with CAID ahead of time, too. It’s kind of a pain, but all this may have to do with that “dancing permit” thing.

Also, CAID ended their announcement e-mail with the following: “The police are our friends. Sometimes some police do bad things. We must, however, recognize and be grateful for those who continue to do good, who preserve the honor and dignity of their profession while they serve and protect our safety and basic civil rights.” CAID to Detroit Police Department: No hard feelings?

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